“There are always people who don’t like what I’ve got to say, but when you need to tell the truth and get a message across, you have to put yourself out there”

Fabulous interview with my friend and fellow Jo Cox Women in Leadership trainee Michelle Langhan.


img_1659-1 Case File No.7: Michelle Langan

File under: #homelessness #reform #charity #politics #laws #justice

You know when there are people in your orbit doing wonderful things, and you’re aware of what they do, but don’t know the detail? Michelle Langan is one such person for me. It won’t have escaped your notice that homelessness is reaching epidemic levels in the UK, but rather than just pitying those dealt a shitty hand, Michelle, 44, has been doing something about it for some time now. I’ve known her since working on teen magazines together over a decade ago. But, although she moved back home to Liverpool in 2006 to get into TV scriptwriting, she’s stayed in my peripheral vision via social media, largely due to the things she’s got involved with on the side. First launching The Paper Cup Project, (a group supporting people living on the streets of Liverpool); she then…

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