The best way to make sure they don’t chop off the wrong tit is to use a magic marker.

Since I last blogged I have got used to not being chemically poisoned (at least directly) every 3 weeks and undergone major surgery. It became clear that whilst the chemo had done the trick in shrinking the tumour in my breast and lymph nodes a mastectomy was still going to be the wisest option. IContinue reading “The best way to make sure they don’t chop off the wrong tit is to use a magic marker.”

The end of the beginning, nearly.

I haven’t written here for a while as the most recent chemo cycles have been pretty tough and I have been admitted to hospital twice. Today though is my final chemo in my treatment plan. I have made cupcakes to say thank you to the staff on the chemo unit and I don’t doubt thereContinue reading “The end of the beginning, nearly.”

Cancer Scrabble

Grade II, stage III ductal carcinoma with fine needle aspiration showing a cytology of 5 indicating nodal metastases. ER8/8, PR8/8, HER2-. Staged negative there is no evidence of distant metastasis. A neo-adjuvant anthracycline and taxane based chemotherapy regimen has been offered prior to surgery. And so it goes on. Neo-adjuvant chemotherapy will comprise epirubicin andContinue reading “Cancer Scrabble”

Let me just Google that…

When the doctor first told me I had breast cancer the biopsy results weren’t back and I hadn’t had any scans. He knew it was more than likely to be a breast cancer because of the relationship between the lump and the swelling in my lymph nodes. We talked about the scans and the testsContinue reading “Let me just Google that…”

Waiting to be ill.

So I haven’t written anything here for a little while. I think it’s fair to say that, with the onset of chemotherapy, a shift has been made away from the philosophical and towards the practical. There is far less musing about and thinking things over than there was. I have had my first chemo sessionContinue reading “Waiting to be ill.”

It’ll be worse before it gets better

A few days ago I went to what they call a pre-assessment at the chemotherapy unit. I was given a tour of the unit and shown where I would go and told what would happen. There were other folk already there, sitting in chairs, plugged into IVs and watching telly. A couple of women wereContinue reading “It’ll be worse before it gets better”