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The best way to make sure they don’t chop off the wrong tit is to use a magic marker.

Since I last blogged I have got used to not being chemically poisoned (at least directly) every 3 weeks and undergone major surgery. It became clear that whilst the chemo had done the trick in shrinking the tumour in my breast and lymph nodes a mastectomy was still going to be the wisest option. IContinue reading “The best way to make sure they don’t chop off the wrong tit is to use a magic marker.”

Right here, right now.

From the very beginning of my diagnosis positivity has been emphasised at every turn. Indeed I am a pretty positive person and adopted quite a positive approach myself from the outset. At my test results appointment it was me hugging the surgeon and saying “We can do this”. Everyone tells me that positive thinking isContinue reading “Right here, right now.”

Cancer Scrabble

Grade II, stage III ductal carcinoma with fine needle aspiration showing a cytology of 5 indicating nodal metastases. ER8/8, PR8/8, HER2-. Staged negative there is no evidence of distant metastasis. A neo-adjuvant anthracycline and taxane based chemotherapy regimen has been offered prior to surgery. And so it goes on. Neo-adjuvant chemotherapy will comprise epirubicin andContinue reading “Cancer Scrabble”

Waiting to be ill.

So I haven’t written anything here for a little while. I think it’s fair to say that, with the onset of chemotherapy, a shift has been made away from the philosophical and towards the practical. There is far less musing about and thinking things over than there was. I have had my first chemo sessionContinue reading “Waiting to be ill.”

Wassail to you

To be truly honest with you I have been a bit apprehensive about New Year’s Eve this year. I knew I felt uneasy about it but I couldn’t quite put my finger on why exactly. Now obviously it was probably something to do with cancer. Almost my entire existence now has something to do withContinue reading “Wassail to you”

Christmas with cancer

When it comes to hosting Christmas we usually take it in turns between my partner’s parents and us, with my parents visiting from up North every other year. This year was an our friends from the North year so due to be at our house. I had been planning it pretty much since January 2013Continue reading “Christmas with cancer”

Who am I?

I was signed off from work this week. I had hoped that I might be able to work through my chemotherapy. My employer had agreed disability leave for the treatments and then if I was ill I could take a few days off sick as and when I needed them. Sounded doable to me! ThenContinue reading “Who am I?”

A brief diary of my chemotherapy treatment in 2014


Chemo chemo chemo chemo chemo Chameleon


Today’s lesson has been, always get dressed. Even if you think that you will be spending the day on the couch watching box sets of The Good Wife, get washed and dressed. Even if you would rather spend the day in your pink silk pyjamas, get dressed. I say this because when you mention in passing to the oncology nurse on the phone that you have a bit of a sore throat you will be whisked into hospital for a blood test before you can say ‘where is the toothpaste?’. They will ask if you can come now and you will have to say “errr, yeeeees. I errr, just need to err. Get dressed.”

It will be 2 o’clock in the afternoon and you will be wiping your face with a baby wipe whilst outing yourself as slovenly to Wendy the oncology nurse and wishing you had just got washed and dressed at 8am like a normal person.


Little to report on the day to day chemo experience actually. I am delighted to report that so far it seems to be all be quite dull!

Yesterday was a lazy day. I slept til 11:30am. Sleeping more than half the day is something you should tell the chemo unit about really but seeing as pre-cancer I could quite easily sleep til noon on a day I was feeling lazy, I decide not to worry about it. Bit of a sore throat today is all. I seem to be getting away with few side effects at the moment and thankfully no nausea at all. Nausea seems to be the most common side effect experienced by the women I know who have begin chemo at the same time as me.

To keep things interesting the cat has an ear infection and also, cancer. Of course. I not only have breast cancer and a suppressed immune system, I also have an infectious cancerous cat.  Thank God Rachel can work from home to get the cat to the vet. I daren’t touch the cat in case of infection.


Still feeling remarkably well.  Maybe it’s the sea air. This morning’s drama…

They’re a noisy pair my two. I never realised until I am trying to snooze through it. Every door is slammed and every footstep is stomped. Cross morning household. Still, everyone caught their bus or train and I am told they both ate breakfast. I know the teenager showered because I picked her clothes up off the bathroom floor.

So far so good. Vegetable juice for breakfast methinks. I stuck a bit of broccoli in, the thing whirred but nothing came out. Then it stopped whirring and now won’t work at all. I stomped up the stairs back to bed shouting that everything is “buggered and wrong”.

Can’t think where my noisy lot they get their morning behaviours from, really I can’t!


First morning after chemo and I feel fine. Must say though the 1st day of me technically being on sick leave and everything went to pot. The chicken pie put in the oven last night with the timer set so it was ready for dinner tonight was cooked to perfection when I got up for the bathroom at 4:30 this morning.

Then everyone missed their train or bus, no one ate a proper breakfast, the dishwasher wasn’t emptied, sink full of pots, milk bottles not put out and somehow, inexplicably, someone has managed to snap the end off the washing up brush.

Still, I ate well, feel fine and managed to do the dishes etc without much bother.

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