The best way to make sure they don’t chop off the wrong tit is to use a magic marker.

Since I last blogged I have got used to not being chemically poisoned (at least directly) every 3 weeks and undergone major surgery. It became clear that whilst the chemo had done the trick in shrinking the tumour in my breast and lymph nodes a mastectomy was still going to be the wisest option. IContinue reading “The best way to make sure they don’t chop off the wrong tit is to use a magic marker.”

The end of the beginning, nearly.

I haven’t written here for a while as the most recent chemo cycles have been pretty tough and I have been admitted to hospital twice. Today though is my final chemo in my treatment plan. I have made cupcakes to say thank you to the staff on the chemo unit and I don’t doubt thereContinue reading “The end of the beginning, nearly.”

Wassail to you

To be truly honest with you I have been a bit apprehensive about New Year’s Eve this year. I knew I felt uneasy about it but I couldn’t quite put my finger on why exactly. Now obviously it was probably something to do with cancer. Almost my entire existence now has something to do withContinue reading “Wassail to you”

Christmas with cancer

When it comes to hosting Christmas we usually take it in turns between my partner’s parents and us, with my parents visiting from up North every other year. This year was an our friends from the North year so due to be at our house. I had been planning it pretty much since January 2013Continue reading “Christmas with cancer”

All I want for Christmas…

is chemotherapy. I never thought I’d say that but there you have it. This year I am ALL about the chemo. So I probably need to back up a bit! I have breast cancer. It’s a bugger. It’s stage 3 but I’m not sure which stage 3. Basically what I do know is that IContinue reading “All I want for Christmas…”